"Fangirl" is not an insult.

“I like fangirls how I like my coffee. I hate coffee.” Three days after being spotted on a T-shrt for sale at WonderCon, this idiotic slogan is still making waves in the geek community.

Why? Well, for one thing, it seems like a perfect example of the hostile environment women have to deal with when they attend conventions. However, the T-shirt’s manufacturer, Tankhead Custom Tees, has just come forward to explain why the shirt isn’t sexist.

“the fangirl/fanboy shirts can best be explained like this: fangirls/boys =/= fans. Fans are people who like and genuinely respect a fandom, and it’s creators. Fangirls/boys are like those creepy fedora wearing neckbearded bronies, or hetalia fanfiction shippers, who make us all collectively cringe in pain at what they do to the things we love.

No one should ever defend these kinds of people. Seriously, they make the rest of us look bad.”

So, just to be clear here, the shirt isn’t insulting toward all women, just the ones who are the wrong kind of fan. And that’s totally not a gendered insult because bronies (i.e. male fans of a media source that’s traditionally aimed at girls) are repulsive as well. Right?

The idea that it’s OK to be disgusted by certain types of fan is pretty widespread in geek culture, and it’s ridiculous to suggest that this habit isn’t connected to sexist prejudice. In the nonsensical social strata of geekdom, “serious” sci-fi literature fans are somewhere at the top, Trekkies and comic book nerds are somewhere around the middle, and anything women are interested in is invariably right down at the bottom. Popular examples: Supernatural, YA novels with female protagonists, fanfiction, shoujo anime, and pretty much anything that’s popular on Tumblr.

It’s no coincidence that “fangirl” is most commonly used to describe women who read and write fanfiction. By the logic of people who use fangirl as a pejorative term, fans who spend hours reading and collecting superhero comics are at the cool, respectable end of the geek scale, while “fangirls”  who write tens of thousands of words of superhero fanfic are embarrassing weirdos. In other words, if you conform to the old-fashioned, male-dominated form of fandom then you’re fine, but if you prefer to join the subculture that was primarily founded on the work of female fans, then it’s acceptable to publicly mock you at an event like WonderCon.


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Friendly reminder that he was the one who grabbed her hand.

With the way she’s feeling, it’s no surprise she didn’t grab his  :,( 

But she didn’t push him away either. She closed her hand around his despite everything.





think about it. if she wormed her way out of his hands, he would have noticed something’s up and hurt her. he is after her because of the location based encryption on the hard drive which only she can crack.

if you replaced Skye with the decrypted hard drive, you can bet he’d be kissing it too.

I just really want to say, though, that he has not sworn allegiance to Hydra - he has never once uttered Hail Hydra. His allegiance is to John Garrett and there’s a big difference between following a man who saved him when he was a teenager and following an evil cause, and he is following the man, not the cause. 

As for him hurting her, he could have hurt her the moment he came back to the base if it was really all about the hard drive. He knows she won’t stand up under torture, so if he wanted the hard drive so bad, he could’ve tortured the information out of her, but he didn’t. It’s worth noting that he had a choice between how to get that information from her and he chose the lesser of two evils. That’s not for nothing. 

Not trying to make excuses, just trying to say that Ward isn’t just black and white. 

Seriously! The hating on Ward shit needs to end. I’m over it.

Raina did the same thing as Ward; followed a man, not HYDRA itself. are you going to defend her too?

as for not torturing Skye…


he is attracted to her, I will admit that. but there is a direct quote from Garrett that you should take into account as well:

"So, if you can do it the easy way without blowing your cover, then by all means. I just need some time alone with her to get the information."

Ward never intended to blow his cover. his job was to bring Skye to Garrett alive. and what good would torturing do? it’s messy, it’s risky, and it only makes Skye no longer trust him for one scrap of info: the decryption is location based. this isn’t how Ward works; deception and deep covers on the other hand? that’s much more his speed. (we see it in the very first episode: there’s no truth serum, he just pretended that he was under the influence of a drug. we see it again with John Garrett: they get into a fistfight so that Grant’s cover will be more believable.)

Grant Ward is a villain. he is a complex villain, yes, but he is still a villain. and no amount of “I’m sorry I’m really a triple agent!”s is going to change what he’s done to SHIELD. it won’t change the men and women he’s killed.

Are we not allowed to like villains now? Are we not allowed to acknowledge their complexities and try to understand them and explain their behavior because they’re villains?

Because if that’s the case, someone will need to break the news to the Loki fandom and I have a feeling they won’t take it well. 

who said anything about disliking Grant solely because he’s a villain? I personally find him to be a well developed and interesting character. my only issue is when people decide to take those shades of grey and paint him as a genuinely good person.

Loki’s a villain too do not get me started on Loki


Robin floating away like a balloon for forty five minutes.

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Okay you know what I was just gonna reblog this and say nothing but you know what, I’m pissed off and you wanna know why?

Ted is a Nice Guy. I don’t mean a nice man, no. I mean the motherfucking “Nice Guy” who moans and complains about how women just won’t flock to him and be exactly who he expects of them. He knew from the beginning Robin wanted to focus on her career before marriage. He knew from the beginning she didn’t want kids. She rejected him time after time before they dated the first time. She rejected him time after time after that, for nine goddamn fucking years. His refusal to stop pursuing her, and accept she did not fucking love her, destroyed his relationship with Victoria TWICE. He is the whiny high school teenager bitching because the popular girl he obsesses over just isn’t into him. He is the goddamn Nice Guy, the kind whose every action, every so-called kind deed is done purely out of trying to get Robin to date him.

Robin motherfucking Scherbatsky was an independent woman who not only relied on herself, but expected the men she wanted to be with to be independent and rely on himself, as well. She was career-minded and strong and independent and self-reliant. Those were the traits that doomed her and Ted.

In this gifset we see that Ted did not respect Robin for who she was. He didn’t want her to be self-reliant—he wanted her to rely on him. He’s like so many men out there, so many Nice Guys. Baby, let me take care of you while you put me before everything else, You’re too independent, Robin. I need you to need me, I need you to rely on me. The reason they didn’t work out was because they both wanted and needed different things in relationships, and that’s okay—what isn’t okay is that instead of accepting that, Ted blames her. Tells her that SHE is the reason why they broke up, and something about her is WRONG. He insults her, tells her that her fundamental personality is wrong, and that she is why their relationship failed; that they they just aren’t compatible, no; because she is broken.

She is so upset at this she goes to another ex. He’s the Jerk, you know; the guy who all the Nice Guys in the world call The Asshole. And you know what? You know what this Asshole does? He comforts her, he compliments her. He tells her that those traits, teh traits she’s been belittled and taunted over, the traits that make her broken, the reason why She Can’t Find A Man, are what make her wonderful. Barney loved her for her insecurities, and he supported her independence. He supported her self-reliance. In one scene, this Asshole prove to be far more accepting and mature than the so-called Nice Guy.

So who do she end up with?


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when he leans close and whispers to your ear  (◡‿◡✿)

"hail hydra"  (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

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Fitzsimmons in The Only Light in the Darkness

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